Marine Air Conditioning Mackay

Marine air conditioning Mackay

Air Conditioning Installation Repairs and Maintenance for Boats and Yachts

Do you own a boat and need an air conditioner or repairs on your existing air con? We can install or repair all types of air conditioners for any type of vessel. We also provide custom design solutions for your boat. We use Cruisair and Marine Air products that are warranty backed. We also service electrical faults for both air cons and refrigerators.

Marine air conditioning services.

    • Refrigeration
    • Air Conditioning – Pleasure Boats and Superyachts
    • Air Conditioning – Commercial and Passenger Ferries
    • Installation and repairs
    • Cooling and heating systems
    • Electrical faults

Air Conditioning Solutions for Boats

We can install self-contained air conditioning systems for boats up to 12 metres. These units are easy to install and are cost effective. We have multiple systems to choose from and will advise the client on what unit is best suited to their needs.

Air Conditioning Solutions for Yachts and Large Boats

Marine air conditioning Mackay QLD
Our air con installers can service yachts, super yachts, large boats over 12 metres and ferries. Typically you will find a tempered water cooling system located inside the engine room. The unit has a chiller which cools or heats the water. This water is then directed via piping that is insulated to the air handlers. It is then the choice of the operator to have cool or heated air circulated to the desired compartments of the boat.
We have a selection of the best units on the market that will suit any type of marine cooling or heating needs.

Marine Installation Mackay

All our technicians are trained and certified to state requirements. We have installed systems for both domestic and commercial users. All electrical connections and repairs are performed by a registered electrician.

Free Marine Air Conditioning Quote

Our technicians will provide a full report on your marine air conditioning needs at no cost. Our final report will cover all costs and warranties attached to the installed units. Our free quotes can be for repairs, maintenance or custom designed systems.

Custom Built Cool Rooms Mackay

Custom made freezers and cold room storage

We design and install refrigeration solutions to suit your business needs. We can supply and install custom cold rooms and freezers for all types of commercial businesses.
Custom built commercial cool rooms and freezers MackayConstructed from the most efficient polyurethane panels our cool rooms & freezers offer heat insulation and save between 30% – 45% in energy. They are light, high in strength, corrosion resistant, mould free and moth proof.

Our cool rooms and freezer rooms are applicable for the following commercial businesses.

  • Hospitals and laboratories
  • Supermarkets
  • Factories and warehouses
  • Accommodation and resorts
  • Abattoirs and food processing plants
  • Restaurants, cafes and pubs
  • Service design and installation include

  • Design and construction
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Sales and finance
  • Free Cool Room Consultation

    Do you own a commercial business that is in need of a cold room or freezer? Our air conditioning consultants will give you a free consultation to determine your specific needs. We can help in the design process of your cold room to maximise your space and efficiency. We have built and installed multiple cold rooms and freezers in supermarkets, high end accommodation facilities and other related businesses. We will walk you through the entire process from design to installation and maintenance. All our work will be guaranteed and council approved.

    How Much To Install an Air Conditioner in Airlie Beach?

    It’s important to know what to consider and questions to ask when getting a quote for a split system installation in the Airlie Beach area.
    Sometimes quotes are too good to be true and the cheapest ones often result in low quality materials and professional procedures not followed.

    This in turn leads to dissatisfaction and costly problems later on, and in the hot Airlie Beach climate, having a faulty Air Conditioner is something you don’t want to experience.

    How Split System Installations Are Quoted

    Basic Back-to-Back Pricing

    Back-to-back means when it’s possible to position the outside unit of the split system directly behind the inside unit (just separated by a wall).

    This means less material is needed as both units are close to each other. So for a professional install, you would be paying for:

    • Three metres of quality insulated copper pipe
    • Quality plastic covering for the insulated copper pipes
    • Four rubber legs for the outdoor unit to keep it off the ground and stop vibration on the concrete
    • All units moisture vacuumed for best performance
    • All units pressure tested for no leaks
    • Labour time for a qualified installer with proper tools
    • Your house isn’t left in a mess
    • When you get a quote from any installer in the Airlie Beach area, ask if their price includes all of these points.

    Not Back-to-Back Pricing

    This pricing is for when the design of your home or office doesn’t allow for the outdoor unit to be placed directly behind the inside unit.

    This could be due to space constraints, noise or purely looks and because of that needs to be placed on the roof or around a corner.

    In this scenario, all the points listed above are true plus the following:

    • The further away the outside unit is from the inside unit… the more the installation will cost as materials such as pipes and covers are charged by the metre.
    • Accessibility also affects the quote. For example, a two-storey house is more expensive as equipment needs to be lifted into place and fitted.
    • If you think that your property requires an installation like this, be sure to ask that the quote details all materials and extra costs.

    Pressure Testing Split System Air Conditioners

    One of the most important points is that there are no leaks and to ensure this the installer should pressure test the refrigerant lines.

    Also, all moisture needs to be properly vacuumed out of the pipes as moisture and refrigerant don’t mix well.

    All professional installers should do this but you need to ask to make sure it’s included.

    Climate Air Solutions install split system Air Conditioners in Airlie Beach and the Mackay region.

    We install trusted brands including Panasonic, Daikin, Temperzone and all other major brands.

    Air Conditioner Installation Blacks Beach Mackay

    Daikin Air Conditioner Installation in Blacks Beach Mackay.

    Supply and install of a Daikin 4.6Kw reverse cycle inverter split system in Blacks Beach Mackay. The system was mounted on wall brackets. Job went very smooth and clients was very happy with the job. Also commented on how polite and respectful our staff were.

    What is a 4.6kw Daikin Split System Air Conditioner?

    The Daikin has a cooling capacity of 1.7 to 5.3kW and a heating capacity of 1.7 to 6.8kW. This aircon unit is perfect to Air Condition a single room or a specific area of your property. The L-Series split system Air Conditioner are Daikins most energy efficient units manufactured.

    Some features of the Daikin are the system id mould proof and easy to clean. Using inverter technologies means this Air Conditioner is highly efficient and cheap to run.

    Air Conditioner Repairs

    Need to fix your Air Conditioner for a more comfortable environment? Climate Air Solutions has expertise and experience in Air Conditioning repairs for homes and offices in Mackay and the surrounding areas.

    Air conditioner Brands We Repair Include:

    • Panasonic
    • Daikin
    • Temperzone
    • Fujitsu
    • Kelvinator
    • Mitsubishi
    • LG
    • Samsung

    To maximise the efficiency of your heating and cooling system, Climate Air – Air Conditioner Service Mackay offers preventive maintenance checks and air duct cleaning services.Call today for a quote on your Air Conditioner repairs.

    Air Conditioner Installation

    Climate Air Solutions is an expert in Air Conditioner Installation. We install Air Conditioners for:

    • Industrial
    • Commercial and
    • Multi Storey Residential

    We provide quality advice from design, prevention servicing, maintenance and installation.

    We offer the latest technology and aircon systems to suit your needs.

    All our work is fully insured and installed by a licenced Air Conditioner installer.

    We recommend and provide all the top brands in Air Conditioning including.

    • Panasonic
    • Daikin
    • Temperzone
    • Mitsubishi
    • Fujitsu

    For a free quote complete our online form. Or, call directly on 07 4965 3813. We will beat any Air Conditioning quote by 5%.

    Air conditioning installation East Mackay 4740

    Residential Air Conditioning installation East Mackay.

    Today Climate Air Solutions installed a new Panasonic split system Air Conditioner into a residential property in East Mackay.

    The old system had broken down and an Air-Conditioning replacement was required. We removed the broken system and refitted and mounted the new Panasonic split system. See the photo below.

    We had to replace the brackets at the back as the weight of the old split cycle was starting to pull away from the wall. This is not uncommon if the previous air-con installer has not taken into consideration the weight of the Air Conditioner. We mounted the new brackets and then attached the split system to these. The power connection was also fitted and out of the way to the naked eye.

    When you have to replace an old system with a new aircon system there can be some issues. But there is nothing that we have seen before that has prevented Climate Air Solutions from completing the job on time and on budget for the client.

    We have repaired and installed hundreds of Air Conditioning systems in and around the East Mackay region. We are fully insured and licenced. We practice to all Australian Standards. If you have any Air Conditioning questions, call us at 07 4865 3813.

    Air conditioning installation Walkerston

    Residential Air conditioning installation Walkerston.

    Today Climate Air Solutions installed two Panasonic inverter split systems. This was for a residential property in Walkerston near Mackay. Clients were every happy with the quality service we provided. Installed right in time for this weeks cold snap that Mackay is about to experience. On this particular job our clients decided to go with our interest free finance plan.

    Air conditioning installation: Mackay Emmanuel Primary School

    Air Conditioning installation Mackay Emmanuel School, Climate Air Solutions recently supplied and installed 3 Panasonic 5Kw reverse cycle inverter split systems to the “Emmanuel primary school” tuck shop. Emmanuel primary school had decided it was time to refurbish their tuck shop and upgrade the Air Conditioning. Climate Air solutions worked along side John Foster Project Builders for this particular job. The job was done in 2 stages. The first stage having Air Conditioning pipe and condensate drains ran to locations marked on plans. The second stage having the 5kw Panasonic Air Conditioner installed. Climate Air Solutions was required to install steel safety cages over the outdoor Air Conditioning condensors to prevent students from any unforeseen injuries. Once the job was completed, Emmanuel primary we very satisfied with the quality of work that was carried out on this job.