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Airzone air conditioning temperature control


Easily integrated into any MHIAA ducted sys tem (including our FDUA series, FDUM series or KX series), the Airzone zoning solution offers the ultimate level of comfort by providing complete temperature control over each individual zone of your home or office ensuring everyone’s comfort while delivering high energy efficiencies and cost savings.


Airzone has three different controllers to suit all setups and requirements. These allow you to control and monitor the temperature in up to 10 zones, access timers, scheduling and other advanced features while remaining easy to use.


Unlike traditional day/night zoning solutions, Airzone allows you to control the set temperature in each individual zone of your home meaning you can set your living room to 23oC, your bedroom to 20oC and turn un-occupied rooms off. This ensures everyone’s comfort and that your system is running as efficiently as possible.


By integrating the Airzone zoning solution you automatically require a smaller capacity ducted system, saving you costs from outset. Airzone’s Q-adapt algorithm also ensures your system is running as efficiently as possible by constantly adjusting the fan speed according to the number of active zones. With the ability to control individual zones, you can easily turn un-occupied zones off – saving you

Airzone Controllers

Mitsubishi Airzone air condtioning control


The modern and stylish Blueface master controller gives you complete control over your system by allowing you to monitor the humidity and set temperatures in each individual zone, adjust fan speed, access timers, schedules plus much more, all while remaining easy to use.





The Think zone controller, with its low-energy e-ink screen, provides accurate humidity and temperature reading and allows you to control the temperature of the individual zone it is connected to.






The LITE controller offers the same level of accurate comfort control as the THINK controller in a simplified and compact design. The LITE, which allows you to adjust the temperature in increments, but can be controlled completely via the Airzone cloud app is perfect for areas where you may want to limit access to controls (such as children’s bedrooms) but want full control remotely.