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  • One outdoor unit can be connected to a wide variety of indoor units, including wall mounted, consoles, cassette and ducted units
  • Each room can be individually controlled, allowing you to set different temperatures in each room, helping save running costs by heating or cooling rooms as required
  • System settings allow you to save energy, helping reduce power costs
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  • Can be an affordable and flexible system to cool multiple rooms within the home
  • Allows for one compact outdoor unit to be connected to up to six indoor units
  • Each room can be individually controlled, helping you manage running costs
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  •  Developed based on our years of insights and expertise in air conditioning.
  •  The AIRSTAGE series provides optimal comfort, high efficiency and reliability for all users. Quickly and efficiently conditions any room to ideal comfort levels.
  •  The design, installation, and servicing of the range provides high flexibility and simplicity, best suited to larger homes.
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